Introducing BOXTradEx

WEB3 Game portal platform to access to NFTs and Open Metaverse.

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"Unlock the world of Web3 gaming with BOXTradEx - Your gateway to endless possibilities.
Join us now and start your gaming adventure!"
BOXTradEx is a one-stop Web3 game portal that provides a variety of games, tournaments and guilds, mission systems, as well as Token trading and NFT markets.
With just one account, users, whether novice or experienced, can easily embark on an adventure in the Web3 gaming world. Whether you're looking for casual fun or a serious challenge, BOXTradEx has something for everyone. Join us today and explore the infinite potential of Web3 games!

E-Sport & Tournament

Every month, we host regular tournaments with various Web3 games, providing users with exciting opportunities to showcase their skills and win fantastic prizes on our BOXTradEx platform. Additionally, we hold weekly AMA sessions where gaming studios and guilds can connect with our community and discuss their projects. Join us now to experience the thrill of competitive gaming and engage with the vibrant Web3 gaming community at BOXTradEx!

Guild ToolBox

Introducing Guild ToolBox - a comprehensive solution for gaming guilds to manage crypto tokens, NFT assets, add members, and create guild events effortlessly. With our NFT rental service and the ability to manage external wallet revenue sharing, Guild ToolBox empowers gaming guilds with seamless asset management and operations. Join us now and take your gaming guild to the next level!"


At our NFT marketplace, users can easily purchase their favorite NFTs from a wide variety of chains, including well-known EVM-compatible chains such as ETH, Polygon, and BSC, as well as various NFTs from SOLANA and WAX. We offer a range of payment options, including credit card, RAZER GOLD, and cryptocurrency payments, providing users with a seamless and convenient purchasing experience. Join us now and explore the vast selection of NFTs available at our marketplace!


Game tokens can be listed on the BOXTradEx exchange, so that players can directly purchase them and enter the game for use. In addition to game tokens, we also support up to 20 well-known Crypto tokens, and also provide trading robots for users to use.



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